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Worshipping at Home?

Here are some tips for worshipping online from those who've done it before:

  1. Gather with the people in your house to watch in one place. In jammies in bed, dressed up in the living room, around breakfast at the table - either way is fine. Just be together.
  2. Do sing, speak out loud just like when you're at church. 
  3. Chat with the livestream host during the service. Ask questions. Send in prayer requests. Respond to other people's comments. You're part of a community!
  4. Share the stream with your friends digitally. Text the link to someone who needs to feel less isolated. Share the facebook stream. Post the stream on a group board. This may be the easiest time ever to invite people you know to church.
  5. If you usually give an offering when you come to church physically, you can still do that. Either mail it in or choose to give online.

We are planning to make this new reality the best it can possibly be. In fact, I'd be willing to be that God will be helping us grow in new, unexpected ways right in the middle of the madness...

See you Sunday morning!